Drive Units

Revolutionizing Efficiency with Vibratory Drive Units

Our cutting-edge Drive Units generate both vertical and horizontal vibratory motion, serving as the heartbeat that powers our feeder bowls. Each unit is meticulously calibrated both mechanically and electronically, harmonizing with the weight and mass of each individual feeder bowl for optimal performance.

Ranging in size from a compact 4 inches to an expansive 36 inches in diameter, our Drive Units boast a robust square construction designed to withstand the demands of various applications. Every feeder bowl in our lineup comes outfitted with our industry-leading dual coil drive units and controller, setting a new standard for performance and reliability.

We understand the uniqueness of each operation, which is why we offer In-line Drive Units in a broad spectrum of sizes. This ensures you always have the right fit to meet your specific track length requirements. Step into the future of feeding solutions with our Drive Units and experience the fusion of unmatched precision, robustness, and adaptability.

Drive Units

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